Media and Broadcast


Media and Broadcast are key stakeholders in any major event. They provide an intimate insight into every aspect of the event and allow the public a greater appreciation whether it be through sporting performances or key results and related news.  With the increasingly competitive world of media, reporting, filing and broadcasting are more often delivered in ‘real time’ which means that a robust and bespoke technology platform is required to ensure that there is instant access through the internet and telecommunication networks.

As the nature of today’s media, broadcast and IT technology becomes increasingly convergent, managing the design and delivery of such complex networks whilst supporting a large number of integrated stakeholders becomes increasingly important.

CTG has over 15 years of experience planning, designing and delivering major infrastructure and operations programmes for Media and Broadcast stakeholders from the FIFA World Cup to the Olympic Games and many other major events. We can help you plan and deliver a comprehensive technology network needed to support and Media stakeholders.