Network Infrastructure


CTG has extensive experience in planning, delivering and managing network infrastructure and services for major events and projects both within Australia and internationally. Additionally, we have broad exposure to working with major service providers and partner with leading technology integrators to delivering large scale events.

We provide a strategic approach to delivering network infrastructure as well as providing VPN services through strategic partnerships to support your event:

Wireless Networks

More than half of all carrier network traffic is now off loaded to Wi-Fi. Wireless usage for Media and the general public is now an absolute necessity when planning and designing wireless infrastructure for major events. In order to cater for greater social media integration as well as real time news, sporting results and information a robust network is vital.

When it comes to designing wireless networks for major events CTG can design and deliver your organisation a purpose built network that will optimise coverage to all event patrons. We partner with the major players in the market and our network designs can customise and prioritise usage as well as provide a valuable marketing tool by to track patron’s movement and usage across the venue.

Satellite and Microwave Services

Whether supporting broadcast transmissions or providing additional redundancy for critical services, satellite and microwave deployments can offer additional flexibility to your overall operation. We deliver your organisation these services as part of an integrated redundant network.

Ethernet Services, WAN and LAN

High bandwidth ethernet services are a foundation within network services for most major events.  Like most other technologies, network bandwidth requirements continues to increase exponentially. Whether your organisation needs a 100 base or gigabit local area or wide area network service, CTG in partnership with leading industry providers can provide you with a network specific to your needs and stakeholders.